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Click here for Internet in Dallas, I am glad I did!

Why choose satellite for your internet connection

When I first heard about satellite internet it made me wonder if it would work better than the dial up connection I had. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I didn’t realize that dial up was a thing of the past. I also didn’t realize that it is not normal for the internet to constantly go out. Something I never thought about before although being used to something shouldn’t mean adapting to poor quality.


Ever since I switched to the new internet provider the internet has not given anywhere near the amount of trouble I had before. Honestly, come to think of it, I have not had any trouble since I switched over to satellite internet.


There was one huge difference I noticed between my old dial up and the satellite I use today. Satellite is lightening fast. My son has actually thanked me over and over, because he can now actually play games on the internet from home. So our house is becoming the go to house for gaming on the net.


Another reason to switch was the price. I was paying about $75 a month for dial up. When I switched to satellite it went down to under fifty dollars a month. Hey, things are tight, so any savings for me is a blessing!

Free Installation

I went onto the web and clicked on the space in my email that said click here for internet in Dallas. Now my husband said I should be careful with what I click on, something about viruses.Glad I didn’t listen to him as that is how I found Hughes net. When I called and they told me all about the price, the service and the best part was no charge to install it. I made an appointment and a day later they were out hooking it up.

Strangers in my home

Being a woman, I always hate having people that repair or install things come out to my house when I am alone. In this case I figured I would look past my anxiety and just do it before my husband came home. The technicians were very nice young men. They were very polite. I even told all my friends at the ladies aid about the wonderful experience.

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