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Computer Engineering


Computers and technology have become the norm and necessity for almost all us in our daily lives. We use them in our homes and at work every day. For most companies technology makes work easier and is a great asset to their business; to others it is the lifeline. Computers systems and technology are not simple, nor do they design and develop themselves. It takes a team of professionals to keep a today’s technology running smoothly and growing. With this demand for technology there has been an increase in the need for professionals to fill these positions. There are many different titles and positions contributing to an IT department and computer engineers are a vital part of that team.

What do Computer Engineers Do?

Computer engineers are vital to technology advancement as their purpose is to design new hardware and software, develop this hardware and software, and improve products and interactions. There are different areas of computer engineering one can specialize in and engineers are utilized in many different fields. The two main areas of specialty are computer hardware engineer and computer software engineer. Those two areas can be branched further into subarea specialties.

Because computer engineering is such a broad field the job descriptions may vary depending on the specialty and company. A computer engineer with a major in hardware may spend the day implementing a new processor they have designed. A computer software engineer may spend the day designing and coding a new application. Products created and developed by engineers can be found everywhere you look; from your smartphone to complex medical devices used every day in healthcare. Computer engineers can be found in virtually every business and field that uses technology. Computer engineers can design computer hardware for small laptops to large supercomputers. They can be found working for a local small start-up company or NASA. Hardware engineers can design the physical functioning components of the computer; while the software engineer can develop the programs to work on those computers. Computer engineers will benefit from being creative and having the ability to pay great attention to detail.

What do you need to know?

Computer engineers will have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or a related computer science. Many start building computers when they are young by buying parts and putting their own computer together. If that sounds like something you may like click here.  A great understanding for computer programming can make a candidate competitive. Engineers can advance their careers greatly with experience but Master’s degrees and Doctorates are also available to advance their education and career.

A career in computer engineering offers a good starting salary with a national average of $40k-$50k for new graduates. That salary can increase greatly with experience. Computer engineers enjoy a challenging and exciting career in a pleasant work environment. They enjoy the rewarding perk of being the force behind the advancement and development of technology that is needed every day.

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