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Four Reasons Summer Power Costs Soar

Electricity BillsIf you are someone who has to pay for power on a monthly basis, then you know that your bill tends to creep up on price at certain times of the year. There are a few different reasons as to why this price increases take place, but the main thing that you need to realize is that there are a few different ways to fight back against these kinds of problems. Let’s take a look at four of main reasons that summer power costs soar to higher levels.


Your AC Needs to Work Harder

The most obvious and blatant reason that power costs are going to rise in the summer is that window and central AC systems need to work harder to keep the temperature down. Unless you are someone who can take the heat, you are going to need to figure out a way to cool down the house. During those hot summer nights when the temperature still stays high after the sun goes down, you are going to run into a situation where the AC is running 24/7. Most air conditioning units use up a lot of electricity while they are running, so it makes sense that these systems are the main reason for the increase in energy costs.


Homeowners Want to Live Comfortably

While there is no one forcing every homeowner to crank up the AC during the summer, most people like to live life comfortably whenever possible. This means that they may leave the temperature on their thermostat at 69 degrees Fahrenheit instead of moving it up to around 74. Even though keeping it at around 74 would definitely save energy costs, most people are not willing to give up their comfort in order to save a few bucks.


Filters Needs to Be Changed

Since AC units are getting more use during the summer, the filters also need to be changed more often. The AC unit will have to work much harder if the filter is clogged with nasty particles, so make sure that you clean it out or replace it as often as possible.


Get an Energy Saving AC Unit

One last thing to remember when it comes to increased power costs in the summer is that you have the power to choose a better AC unit. New air conditioners are released on a yearly basis, so there is no reason to hold onto something from the past if the new model is going to be able to cool your home at a lower cost.

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