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Getting Your Business Found By Online Map Searches

online mapThe challenge of getting a business website prepared for mobile online map searches has created hot demand in the marketing and developer segments of Web based apps innovation. Both Apple and Google+ Local offer tools for maps interface. Here is the rundown:

Apple Maps
Released with iOS6 in 2012, Apple Maps is a local mobile website platform especially designed to interface with iPhone and other iOS devices. Since the introduction of iPHone, the product now represents approximately 25% of the smartphone market.

The launch of Apple Maps hosting was essential to providing the Company’s iOS customers with the sort of platform they needed to place their business on the map. Affiliate business search engines that serve as aggregators for business intelligence about companies and professionals on the Web interface well with Apple Maps as Info Card references, with photos and other key information for contact. Ratings and reviews influence search results in iPhone4S.

Google+ Local
The transmission of the Google Places to the Google+ Local converged business listings with the Google+ social network on one platform. The index influences ranking of business in Google searches, maps and mobile interface. Zagat restaurant guide is an example of how affiliated business intelligence is adding exceptional levels of clout to the online profile of some business advertisers with its well-recognized, 5 Star scoring criteria.

Integration of business listings in Google+ Local with Google+ members in Google+ Circle means that social and business networking has merged into one giant resource. Google+ Local businesses attract followers and increase profits, converting visitors to customers.

The Google+ Local dashboard offers an incredibly easy tool for listing on Google Places. Processing the listing with the dashboard’s “Manage this page” button allows for insertion of a company description and upload photos. Google updates to Google + Local eliminates the need for making infrastructural or business process changes to a business listing frame.

Better visibility and user engagement make Google’s integrated business platforms perfect for interface with company profiles on Facebook and Twitter. The social networking capabilities are virtually limitless at this point. The advance of Google+ has transformed how organization’s channel their message and brand online. Digital strategies using Web mapping add value and return on investment (ROI) in marketing for very little upfront cost. SEO response is just one way that mapping has turned into a race for more presence, and top level placement on search engine response pages.

Future Map
As both Apple and Google mapping tools undergo change, there is likely to more emphasis on linking business listings and advertising with business sector reporting and PR announcements by way of keywords and metadata tagged for top level response in abductive search results.

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