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Java 101

java_techJava is considered the number one object-oriented programming language with over 89% computers in the United States supporting it. It is considered the number one development platform by over nine million java developers globally. Over 125 million TVs run the program as well as three billion mobile devices, and 100% of all Blu-ray disc players.

Java has become the most powerful programming language because it was designed to be usable for the biggest range of computer platforms by its developers. By having applications that are based in Java made they can reach the highest level of people making it easier to reach across different operating systems. This is especially important to businesses as it reduces their bottom line, being able to focus on creating one application instead of many to reach their customer base.

There is a wide assortment of uses that Java permits including creating programs that perform within web browsers; server-side applications for polls, forums, stores, and more; and create applications for mobile phones, wireless modules, and essentially any other electronic device. From creating a streamlined shopping cart for business to an application on price checking via barcodes, Java can do practically anything you want it to, as long as you know how.

To become a Java web developer you will need to install the JDK, or Java Development Kit, and a JRE, which is short for Java Runtime Environment; these are both available via Oracle, the creator of Java. The JDK is a software development kit which is usually a set of tools that help one create applications, this time with Java, and the JRE helps programmers by showing if their application will work or not. Another great resource is an IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, which is generally a program that helps with software development. Some features most IDEs include are a debugger and a source code editor, as well as a compiler.

There are many great resources online that can help anyone become a Java web developer and many are available for free. Those are great for individuals that can learn programming by themselves but there are also a wide variety of available courses, both online plus at colleges and universities worldwide, that one can find with their search engine of choice. Whether you are a self-taught guru or prefer being instructed by an expert, Java is easily one of the most accessible programming languages out there to learn and use. From small web applets to powerful mobile device applications, one can create virtually anything they put their mind to once they have taken the step to learn how to.

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