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Learning about Orange Soda

orangesoda1Orange soda is one of the most popular flavored soft drinks in the world today. It has been in circulation longer than many people realize since its debut into the public arena. The first carbonated soft drink was produced by Joseph Prestley in 1767, but even before that there was a non-carbonated soft drink created around 1676 in Paris. Orange soda has been produced by many soft drink companies over the years that have played major roles in its becoming a popular product on a global scale. Some of the brand names of orange soda from the past are still thriving today among competitors upgrading and enhancing formulas for better taste and quality of their soft drink. One of the well-known brand names is Orange Crush that was brought on the scene by an inventor named J. M. Thompson in Chicago. Mr. Thompson was given special recognition as the original inventor of Orange Crush in 1906, and much more interesting information about the soft drink can be found on line @ Orangesoda.com press kit . Each company or manufacturer has their own special ingredients and recipe formulas that bring out the distinguished tastes for the avid orange soda lover, but it can be a difficult task for the consumer to become satisfied with just one name brand of orange soda. For example, there are several popular name brands, i.e., Nesbitt’s, Sunkist, Fanta, Nehi, and Orange Crush who continue to be highly rated and favored by soft drink consumers.
Those brand names bring back memories to me as I ponder about my past episodes as a young child trying all the different name brands of orange soda. Sometimes, it was really hard to break away from one brand to another because of the deep, fruity taste that one brand produced over a competitor. There was nothing else to compare to a cold, sweet tasting orange Fanta or Nehi soft drink that seem to have just the right deep color of orange running through the mixture. My friends would often join me in trying out the different brand names of orange soda to see if we could come to a consensus of which one is best over-all. The results of the experiment never came to fruition as we could only think on which brand to purchase next and fill our bellies with more and more orange soda. My taste buds today are still in support of a great tasting orange soda, but there is still a battle within over making a concrete decision between Orange Crush and Sunkist Orange.

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