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Link Indexing and Why It’s Still Relevant for SEOs in 2013

seoThe usefulness of – and therefore need for – link indexing is something that’s here to stay. Not only is it still relevant for SEO in 2013, but it will continue to be relevant in the world of SEO for quite some time to come. Creating backlinks is easy, but creating backlinks that are effective (as in actually recognized by Google, which is your goal) is extremely difficult. That’s why a good link indexer is a priceless service to have when you’re striving to improve the SEO of your site. However, it can be somewhat tricky to master.

Links Aren’t Usually Indexed

The World Wide Web features an unimaginable amount of content, and it’s still growing at a fast pace each day. Google’s search service does relentlessly crawl the Internet, yet it is going to miss various web pages here and there since it’s not a perfect system. Sometimes, a slow-loading site can cause Google to miss web pages altogether. Other times, Google stopped prior to it actually indexing a site. Unfortunately, this just indicates that certain links you create won’t be recognized by Google, and therefore won’t count toward your total.

Nothing Is 100 Percent

Even if you rely on two of the most popular means of creating backlinks, you still won’t get 100 percent success where Google is concerned. The two most popular link tactics are the use of the ping and the link to link approach. However, both of these tactics will not 100 percent guarantee indexing of all of your links. This is because these tactics rely on artificial link indexing. Still, through the use of a smart link indexing service, you can greatly improve your SEO-link success. You can easily get yourself from just 10 to 20 percent indexing all the way to 40 to 50 percent indexing, which is seen as quite successful.

Why It’s Still Relevant

As long as you have a website on the Internet, you want people to find you. How can you get more and more people to find you? Through the use of link indexing, which creates more backlinks to your site that Google will also recognize. This, in turn, makes more and more people aware of the existence of your site, which means that you will benefit from higher traffic. The more site visitors you get, for instance, the more easily you can find prospective customers, if you are a business website that’s selling either products or services. Since the goal of every website that goes live is to develop a bigger and bigger audience, link indexing is an SEO tactic that will be relevant not only in 2013, but for many years to come.

Link indexing is not just something that’s nice to have – it’s something that makes for more effective SEO. More effective SEO is instrumental to the success of your website since it increases the number of people who can finally find you on the World Wide Web. It is an SEO tactic that relies on either the use of the ping or the link to the link system, both of which are highly effective.

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