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Red Flags For Guest Posting

red_flagWhether a major corporation or a small one-person business is being discussed, companies definitely try all different types of marketing techniques when they want to get their names out there. Guest posting is something that many companies use to diversify the voice used on their sites and in their content. What are some signs that businesses need to watch out for?

Using Very Vague Terms
Sometimes, people are able to easily pretend that they know a lot about a particular subject when they really do not. Companies definitely need to watch out for this in their guest blogs. Of course, guest bloggers do not want to use jargon that is impossible for the average reader to understand, but they should demonstrate at least a basic competency of the subject matter they are discussing.

Repetitive Posts
Retaining customers OrangeSoda can provide is definitely one of the goals of some guest blogging endeavors. However, keeping these customers coming back to the site is a bit difficult when all of the guest posts sound the same. The point is to bring a different voice into the arena. Companies should look to mix-up the guest bloggers they use so that this type of problem can be avoided.

Using The Blog in Multiple Places
Ultimately, the owner of the website can let the blogger know if he or she is allowed to use the blog in other places. Generally, when he or she is permitted to do so, the success of the business might not be as grand. Other people might see that the blog is being used in different spots, and they might not want to use the services of the company anymore. If an owner suspects that the blog is being used in other sources, he or she just needs to run a Google source for it.

Problems with Payment
Bloggers definitely want to make money when they are creating posts for companies, but businesses need to be sure that this does not cause a problem. The two parties need to have a conversation where they decide if the payment will be a flat rate, per word or revenue share. If the blogger causes problems with the payment the first time around, then this might be a sign that this person is not the best match for the company.

Looking for red flags is important any time that new representative is hired for the business. Whether this person is going to be a full-time employee or is just doing some freelance work for the time-being, companies want to know that they have hired the right match.

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