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Servers: Rent Or Own?

serversSevers, these all important pieces of hardware are important to any business owner. They let one store data, save their important files and so forth. Today, I am going to describe two methods of servers for the average user. There is the home server that is kept on the premises, and there is renting out a server for those who want to not worry about the hassles maintenance.

The first method of servers is building your own server. One can buy a pre built server from many companies such as HP or Dell. Or to get it at a significant savings one can build it themselves. The first thing that is needed when building a server is software. For the small business user there are many choices. Some such choices are Windows Home Server, Debian, Apache, and FreeNAS. For the easiest setup, I recommend Windows Home Server. However, if full control is what’s desired, I recommend one of the many variants of Linux. Another instrumental part in a good server is a vast amount of ram. I recommend at least eight gigabytes of ram for a server. Other factors when considering a home server are substantial storage. I recommend at least a five hundred gigabyte hard drive for a small business and their storage needs. The last part to keep in mind when building a server is the cpu. For building a server, I recommend at least a Xeon level CPU for a home server. These units are reliable, powerful, and fairly affordable.

For those who are not quite as adventurous, there is always renting out servers from a multitude of server farms. One such company is NexZeta small business server. When renting out a server, one gets a multitude of options from which operating system they prefer, to how much storage, and how powerful the servers themselves are. The upkeep is done by the company one is renting from so there is no maintenance on the individual’s end to keep something running smoothly. Renting out a server gives the individual peace of mind without having to worry about running a server in the background. Also keep in mind that when renting out a server, one has full customer service and near 24/7 uptime when renting out a server. This is something that should be considered when considering a home server or a rented server since many people are uncomfortable with managing their own server.

There is no right or wrong server configuration. It is all wholly dependent on the needs of the user. For a cheaper in the long run configuration, building a server can save money. However, if one wants to have the server managed and handled without thinking about it, I recommend renting out a server.

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